At Central Dental Elsternwick, our highly experienced and qualified dentists provide treatment for both dental emergencies and urgent dental issues, so as to help you promptly get back to your normal routine.  These problems can be present in many forms, such as toothaches, sensitivities, chips or cracks, loose teeth, soft tissue injury, missing or loose dental filling, or tooth knockouts.

Toothaches & Sensitivities

A toothache or a very sensitive tooth can indicate a range of dental problems, and its cause should be identified so that it can be treated (or at least, initially managed).  The two common causes are nerve infections and deep cavities. 

The very thorough and knowledgeable dentist is Dr. Tay! Checked my history and so no need to tell him as he already was aware which is very comforting.

Chips or Cracks

Chips and cracks in teeth can happen when chewing hard things on teeth that are not strong enough, doing things besides biting and chewing on them, or because of an accident. People who grind or clench their teeth are also more susceptible to chipping or cracking teeth.  If you have a tooth that has become chipped or cracked, early intervention is warranted, less further propagation of the crack may lead to loss of the tooth. 

Loose or Knocked-Out Teeth

Any facial impact that causes teeth to become loose or fall out requires immediate emergency dental care.  If a tooth is loose, it is important to try and keep that tooth in its socket to prevent it from falling out.  This can be accomplished by gently biting down on the tooth to hold it in place. If a tooth has been knocked out, it is important when possible, to submerge it in milk or water.

Soft Tissue Injury

The soft tissues of the mouth include the lips, gums, inside of the cheeks, and tongue.  When one of these structures has been injured, please call us for instructions as to where to go – this may either be to attend our clinic promptly or to the closest hospital ER. 

Missing or Loose Dental Fillings

Sometimes permanent (or temporary) restorations can become loose or fall out.  A loose filling or open cavity on a tooth can cause bacteria to leak under it and lead to nerve problems.  It may also increase the risks of a crack developing due to the poorer physical strength of the tooth. 

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We at Central Dental Elsternwick believe in the importance of accessibility and prompt appointments for your dental emergencies.  You can reach us out on +61 3 9523 5067.

Emergency Dentistry Frequently Asked Questions

In general, an emergency is described as any dental problem that requires urgent medical attention to stop bleeding, save a tooth, or alleviate severe pain. 

A dental emergency may also apply to a life-threatening severe infection that needs urgent medical care. Any of these symptoms or instances are regarded as a dental emergency.

Whenever you find yourself in this situation, you should immediately contact your emergency dentist in Melbourne. The next step would be to secure the fallen tooth by gently holding it by the crown and rinsing out any dirt with water. 

You can also rinse your mouth with water and not rub it as this may cause further damage. Moreover, do not try to insert the tooth back, as this would only make matters worse. Securely store the tooth, either in water or milk (to make it wet), or you can gently place it under your tongue as you rush to the nearest dental clinic. 

Your cheeks can swell as a result of an internal injury in your mouth or due to an infection. If it is due to an injury, you can first apply cold therapy. Cover the affected area with a cold cloth or ice cubes to numb the pain. 

You should also watch out if the swelling gets bigger with time. The next step would be to contact your dentist and explain the situation. Do not stay for long without seeking urgent medical care as the swelling may trickle to the eyes and might even cause difficulty breathing.

Pain and swelling are the two most common signs and symptoms that would characterize a dental emergency. Should this happen to you, you can use a cold press against the affected area to try and calm the pain or swelling. 

The next thing you can do would be to use anti-inflammatory medication, such as Ibuprofen. You should avoid drugs, such as Aspirin, as it contains ingredients known to thin your blood. This would only worsen the situation.

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Regardless of the situation that’s causing you pain and swelling, do not hesitate to contact Central Dental Elsternwick, one of Melbourne’s best emergency dental care providers. You can reach us out on +61 3 9523 5067.

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